Michael Ruhlman on Veal Stock

"...it's almost never used in the home kitchen, and this is as unfortunate as it is unnecessary. It's no more difficult to make than chicken stock, it's one of the most powerful tools in professional kitchens, one of the biggest guns in the professional chef's entire arsenal, and it's virtually unknown to the home cook. If there's a single ingredient that could transform a cook's repertoire at home, it's veal stock."
- from The Elements of Cooking

I make my own stock at home, but I've never made veal stock. Usually I make vegetable stock, chicken stock, or beef stock. I've made seafood stocks before, but do so rarely. I've been leery of using (or eating) veal for a long time due to ethical concerns, but I've heard that the conditions veal calves are kept in have begun to improve in some places. I should look into this.

Veal stock - have you ever made it? What are your thoughts?