Abandon All Dishes, Ye Who Go to a Pot-Luck

Image by Autumn WellesImage by Autumn WellesI was having coffee with a colleague last week, and we were talking about food. I know. This is shocking. She lamented the fact that whenever she took something to a church function, her serving plate would disappear.

I've had similar problems, myself. Even if it isn't a pot-luck per se, I like to take food when I go to social gatherings. Sometimes, I forget to take the bowl or plate I brought it in when I leave. Other times, I end up leaving early and abandoning it there (and then forget about it).

Though some might see it as wasteful, I thought my colleague's solution to this was at once obvious and brilliant (a natural combination in my mind). She planned to go to the dollar store, pick up a large plate for $1, and not worry about leaving it at her pot-luck.


Lol you can do even better and get a bunch of aluminum pie-plates or other aluminum pans for even less, and they're more disposable!

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