Use Leeks as a Vegetarian and Kosher Sausage Casing

I read a lot of food blogs. One of the original purposes of this blog was for it to be a place to collect the best ideas from them. I need to do that more. Today, over at playing with fire and water, I saw just such a great idea: using leeks to make vegetarian sausage casings. Think about it: Leeks, like onions, have rings. Leeks, unlike onions, are long. Thus, the rings form a series of concentric tubes. Cut off either end, and what do you have? Tubes. Perfect for stuffing things in.

Matzo Lasagna with Eggplant

The other day, I mentioned that despite being frustrated by the arbitrariness of Passover dietary restrictions, I appreciate the cleverness that they inspire.

One of my favorite such hacks from my childhood was matzo lasagna. Strangely, it works really well, tending to be both softer and lighter than regular lasagna (matzo being far less dense than lasagna noodles). The problem with this is that I tend to eat more of it in a sitting than I would regular lasagna. My solution? Eggplant.

Kosher for Passover: Sense and Nonsense


I hate Passover.

Strangely, my deep and abiding love of bread is not one of the reasons I hate Passover. In fact, I appreciate the creativity that dietary restrictions (particularly temporary ones) can inspire. That, however, is another post. I hate Passover primarily1 because I find many of the religious prohibitions around food to be intellectually dishonest.


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Nyafat Substitute

Need a substitute for Nyafat (which is, itself, a vegetarian substitute for rendered chicken fat, or schmaltz) now that it is no longer available? You have some options.

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